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Online marketing has evolved a huge amount over the past few years, to the point where effective SEO is pretty much out of reach of new websites for small business.

Achieving and maintaining good rankings in the ‘natural’ results for Google searches now involves a lot of time and effort to set up and even more to maintain… making the cost of SEO difficult to justify!

And what do you get for all the cash you spend on SEO?

Most reputable SEO companies will guarantee top 10 rankings for individual keywords or search terms, but each keyword or search term you have in your campaign adds to your monthly costs. So you are laying out large amounts of cash for guaranteed RANKINGS in the search results, this does not guarantee visitors to your website!

Compare this to Google Adwords, yes you have ongoing monthly outlay but, with Google Adwords you pay only when the searcher clicks on your ad and actually VISITS your website.

In other words if your monthly budget for SEO is $200 your guaranteed result is ONLY high rankings, with Google Adwords it is $200 dollars worth of VISITORS to your landing page, which do you think is going to give best ROI?

Additionally, ROI with Google Adwords can be improved by writing effective ads and creating effective landing pages. Basically, good results from Google Adwords are achieved by:

  • Choosing your keywords and search terms well to maximise viewings by your target market
  • Writing your ad(s) well to maximise clicks by your target market
  • Creating effective landing pages to turn the visitors you’ve paid for into sales or enquiries

To get visitors to your website what do you think is the most cost effective action to take?

We can set up your small business Google Adwords account / campaign(s) for you for as little as $275 (incl GST), this includes:

  • Set up of one Campaign
  • addition of keywords
  • composition of one advertisement
  • setting of bids and weekly budgets
  • creation of a landing page specifically designed to maximise conversions of clicks to enquiries / purchases

If required we can then manage your Google Adwords account for you from $50 per month (incl GST).

Or combine your Google Adwords management with your website management for as little as $75 per month ( incl GST).

Please Note: The prices quoted above do NOT include Google Adwords monthly charges. You will need to set an additional monthly budget to cover the costs of your advertising.

We also help and advise our clients with other forms of online marketing, such as email marketing ad placement on selected websites / blogs etc

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Client Comments

  • Alison Sweeney

    "Alan has worked patiently with us over several months to create our website, which was a much larger job than we imagined. We have supplied content in bits and pieces and made many changes and it has always been uploaded promptly – often the same day.
    Alan has researched solutions to display content in our preferred layout & worked with our graphic designer to fine tune the final product.
    We are very happy with the end result & would highly recommend OZeWebHelp for a great product which doesn’t blow the budget."

    Life Strategies

  • Robert Carey

    Hi Alan,
    thanks for your quick response to both my emails. I'm now back into the website and have my email up and running.

    Like I've said before I think your customer interaction is second to none. I've been using your service for a number of years now (Still haven't got my website producing money yet but it will happen) and every interaction I've had with you has been dealt with in a very timely, complete and professional way.

    I thank you for that and only wish more people took customer service as seriously as you."